15 November 2018
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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 06:38

University students urged to work beyond earning certificates

Written by  Solister Mogha



Ffresh graduates ready to make a differencepict by Solister Mogha

BLANTYRE, November 28, 2017: Executive President for Central Christian University, Osman Nyakuleha has appealed to students from colleges in the country to work hard to contribute to the social economic development of the country.

He made the remarks Sunday at the first-ever graduation ceremony for the University at Blue Bird Motel in Limbe, Blantyre.

Nyakuleha said unlike in the past where students worked hard and applied every skill and knowledge acquired from college, the current crop of students only aims at getting certificates and never utilize the knowledge gained.

“Our country is slowly sliding back because we are not producing productive graduates. The current crops of students we are producing are not innovative as they are just interested in earning a degree.”

“We really need a mindset change and our students should always strive to make a difference in the society by making use of the skill and knowledge acquired,” he said.

Nyakuleha emphasized on the need for colleges to prepare students to be agents of change by among others equipping them with the relevant skill on entrepreneurship.

“Let us tell our students to strive to make a difference to the society,” he appealed.

Nyakuleha said at Central Christian University they train students to be change agents in society.

During the ceremony about 11 students have graduated from various fields with degrees, diplomas and certificates and that over 40 students enrolled with the institution this academic year.
He said this is clear indication that space for access to higher education in Malawi was improving as compared to the past where institutions offered tertiary education.

“And our role as Central Christian University is to complement government’s efforts of improving access and standards of education in the country and we will always stand by that,” the executive President explained.

Principal for the University, Dr Sylvester Chabhuka assured that the institution would always strive to produce high quality graduates who will stand out for their great contribution to the Malawi society.

“We want to be part of the solutions to the many challenges the country is currently going through,” he said.

Edward Malumero, who graduated with a distinction in community development, said he would use the skills gained to serve the communities better.

He urged Malawians wishing to pursue their studies further to live to their dream and never underestimate the institutions they are studying with.

“The other problem we have in the country is that people fail to advance in their careers because they spend time waiting to enroll with well-known institutions. We will not progress if we continue behaving that way, it’s time to change and be positive towards any institutions offering higher education,” Malumero added.

Central Christian University is one of institutions of higher learning registered and recognized by Malawi government. It offers Open Distance Learning (ODL) programmes.

Central Christian University which is in partnership with RVV International Institute of India was established in 2015 but got registered by the Malawi government in 2014.

The University is currently running five faculties namely, Social Science, Education and Environment among others.



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