15 November 2018
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Wednesday, 01 November 2017 15:07

Enrollment in technical colleges to increase

Written by  Watson Maingo
Kasaila: I am satisfied with the work and the commitment of the constructors - File Photo Kasaila: I am satisfied with the work and the commitment of the constructors - File Photo

Salima, November 01, 2017: Government has said the construction of new infrastructure in the national technical colleges program currently being implemented under the Higher Education for Science and Technology (HEST) project, aims at increasing intake and quality of training to be offered.

Responding to questions from Journalists after completing a tour of a project site at Salima Technical College on Tuesday, Minister of Labour, Francis Kasaila said the work is progressing well and the projects may be handed over  by January next year.

“I am satisfied with the work and the commitment of the constructors in all the sites that I have visited and although there was a delay in between we hope that they will all finish by the end of the year,” said Kasaila.

The minister explained that the construction of new structures is in line with government commitment to ensure that all people are given opportunity to train in various skills that will help them carry out personal and indeed national development.

“This project will serve to create more space, and equip the colleges with the best tools for learning.

This will allow more opportunities for young people to acquire vocational skills that will help them get jobs or start their own enterprises,” said Kasaila.

Kasaila said refurbished National Colleges and the opening of Community Technical Colleges is the direction the governnement has taken to solve challenges of shortage of training for young people.

Principal for Salima Technical College, Freeman Kalilani, said he is happy with the construction of additional workshops and other facilities befitting a vocational college.

“Previously, we were using makeshift workshops, now we are going to have workshops specially designed for teaching vocational skills, these will help improve quality and access to quality vocational skills,” said Kalilani.


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