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Sunday, 29 October 2017 21:07

Classroom iron sheets kill school girl in Machinga

Written by  Evance Chisiano

MACHINGA, October 28, 2017: A Standard eight girl at Katambasula Primary School in Machinga has died after iron sheets blown off from a classroom block injured her following a strong wind that forced learners to scamper in all directions for safety. 

Machinga District Education Manager, Sarah Khozi confirmed the death of Nancy Saidi who is said to have died on Friday afternoon.

Apparently, Katambasula Primary School falls in Namandanje Primary Education Zone in the area of Senior Chief Liwonde where many non – governmental organizations are championing girls’ education.

Primary Education Advisor for Namandanje Zone, Rose Makina said the girl died during afternoon classes.

“Nancy and other learners fled their classroom following heavy winds the school experienced during the afternoon,” Makina said, adding that the winds blew off the roof of a classroom block which led to a pandemonium.

She said Nancy died from injuries resulting from the heavy iron sheets. “She sustained serious head injuries and died on the spot before she was taken to hospital,” Makina added.

Meanwhile, Katambasula Primary School is the only public facility affected by the heavy winds in the area.

At the time of going to press, Nancy’s body was being laid to rest at Amilu Village in the area of Senior Chief Liwonde about two kilometers away from the school.


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