21 September 2018
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Friday, 27 October 2017 10:55

Business people commit to help end shortage of class rooms

Written by  Watson Maingo
Primary school pupils need conducive learning environment - File Photo Primary school pupils need conducive learning environment - File Photo

Salima, October 27, 2017: A business grouping of Burundian origin called ‘Tithandizane’ has donated iron sheets worth one million Kwacha to Ntchentche Primary School in Senior Chief Kalonga in Salima District.

The Iron sheets will be used to roof a two-classroom block that was constructed a year ago by the community, but was not completed due to lack of wood and iron sheets.

Ntchetche Primary School, which opened its doors two years ago, is one of the schools with the highest shortage of classrooms as up to seven classes learn under tree shades.

Speaking to MANA after making the donation, one of the leaders of the Group, Vincent Kiyongela, said they made the donation because they were aware of the importance of education.

“We are a group of people who came into the country first as refugees before our status changed. We are part of this society and we are aware of the challenges that our kids are facing in the process of getting education.

“We believe that we cannot just sit down and talk about lack of classrooms and pointing fingers at government, but rather take the action by making such donations. This is the way people build their countries,” said Kiyongela.

He appealed to organizations, individuals and other business people to develop a spirit of sharing to support schools like Ntchetche.

“Of late, we see many people taking pictures of children learning under trees, joke about it and do nothing apart from pointing a finger at government,” said Kiyongela.

Senior Chief Kalonga, who received the iron sheets together with the school committee, applauded the business people for the good gesture.

“We as a community have done everything possible to have this school, we made the bricks and built the walls but no one was available to help us. Now that this group has saved us, we are thankful,” said Kalonga.

Kalonga explained that Ntchetche School was opened by the community after noting that many young learners, especially those in standard one to three, were dropping out of school because the original school for the area is seven kilometers away and kids have to cross a busy street.

The Head teacher for the school said the school has one of the highest enrollment rate with 920 learners, most of which learn under open spaces.

“We have many learners at this school and it has indeed helped to end school dropouts and has increased school attendance,”


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