24 April 2019
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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 09:51

UNIMA graduates more females

Written by  Evance Chisiano

Zomba, March 6, 2019: University of Malawi has awarded degrees and doctorates to more women than men in the 2017/18 cohort as out of the 600 graduates, 430 were females including one doctorate in Rural Development and Extension.

Malawi News Agency established this development on Wednesday at Chancellor College in Zomba during the 2017/18 graduation ceremony.

During the event, University of Malawi Vice Chancellor, Professor John Kalenga Saka express satisfaction over the development, saying this was a step towards the right direction.

Saka said the 600 men and women are being delivered into the society to contribute to the implementation of the Malawi Growth Development Strategy III.

“Their skills and expertise are critical for the socio-economic development of the country,” he added.

He called on PhD and masters degree holders to engage in thought leadership, knowledge creation and problem solving to ensure they are ideal for the country’s growth.

According to graduation statistics, the cohort comprises of 166 male undergraduates and had four male post graduates against seven postgraduate females.

Ululation was heard across the hall and outside when names of seven males were mentioned against seven females who also received their Masters degrees.

One lady, Gabriela Chrissy Chiutsi Phiri, stood tall when her name was mentioned as a doctor of philosophy in Rural Development and Extension.

Others were Justice Dunstan Chimgonda Nkhoma and Boniface Kakhobwe who graduated as doctors of Philosophy in Agriculture and Applied Economics and Doctor of Philosophy in agriculture and Resource economics respectively.

The 600 graduands were in various disciplines such as education, law, science, business administration, accountancy, medicine, agriculture, environmental health, protection and nursing and social science.
The Vice chancellor, therefore, called on the newly graduating men and women to remain professional in discharging their duties within their respective societies while aspiring for excellence in their lives.


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