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Sunday, 19 August 2018 17:17

Education manager bemoans inadequate teachers

Written by  Cosmas Chimaliro

Mzuzu, August 17, 2018: District Education Manager (DEM) for Mzimba North says only four teachers have been deployed to the area out of the 10, 000 recruited this year and has bemoaned that the situation may compromise education standards.

Muhabi Chivunga was speaking Wednesday during Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) meeting at Ekwendeni Trading Centre in the district.

He said Mzimba North has a total of 278 primary schools and most of which have inadequate teachers.

“Most of the primary schools in the district have qualified teachers ranging from three to five against eight classes. You can see that already the teachers are few.

“To make the situation worse, a total of four teachers have been deployed to the district. The number is far from enough. I don’t even know to which schools to allocate them,” he said.

Chivunga said upon consulting the Ministry of Education as to why few teachers were given to the district, it was said that the District Education Office did not submit request for teachers.

He, however, said he has reported the issue to M’mbelwa District Council for a solution and will further liaise with Ministry of Education to consider deploying more qualified teachers to the education district.

Despite deployment of four qualified teachers, the district has received 48 student teachers on Open Distance Learning (ODL) programme.


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