21 August 2018
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Stormy rains damage houses again in Mzuzu City: Pictorial

Written by  Flates Banda

Mzuzu, January 9, 2017: Stormy rain continue to wreak havoc in Mzuzu City as several house were Tuesday afternoon damaged in Chibavi Township rendering families homeless and their household property destroyed. The stormy rains started at around 1 pm and lasted about 30 minutes. Some roof tops flew for about 100 metres. Luckily, in areas where Malawi News Agency (Mana) visited, there were reportedly no injuries. Mana's Flates Banda took pictures of the unfortunate natural occurrence and here are some of them.

Stranded Family

Women and children wonder where they will spend their Tuesday night

From a house to a tree

Flown from several metres away 




Improved roads for boosting economic activities

 Improved roads for boosting economic activities

Lilongwe, August 20: Joseph Pamtunda, 22, takes a comfortable lean on his bicycle and looks out with admiration to the construction works taking place to some area close to his home village. In front of him is a new road under construction where a new bridge with silver metals sparkle with majestic...