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Thursday, 30 November 2017 12:54

Youths urged to monitor development programs

Written by  Patrick Ndawala

Machinga, November 30, MANA: Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN) on Wednesday urged the youth in Machinga to be vigilant in following up commitments that political leaders made prior to the 2014 tripartite elections.

Project Officer for MHRYN, Asante Chiwamila, made the call during a two-day training which focused on fulfilments politicians made relating to child and youth development in Malawi.

He said MHRYN intends to equip youth and children with skills and knowledge that will help them to measure the current government’s progress in implementing youth and child development programs.

“We are currently training the youth and children on how they can demand their rights and how to follow up on the promises our president made in the run up to the 2014 elections,” he said.

She said the current government made ten commitments concerning the youth which included youth empowerment, child survival and improvement of child education among other things.

However, Chiwamila commended President Mutharika for fulfilling some of the commitments he made prior to the elections, saying this is what MHRYN is advocating for.

“We really appreciate that government is walking its talk and one of the major developments is the change of the marriage age for girls from 16 to 18,” she said.
She further said the organisation will also make follow ups on promises that leaders of opposition political parties made prior to the 2014 general elections and not just those in power.

During the training, the youth and children of Machinga expressed worry over the inaccessibility of quality social services such as education, health, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Chairperson of Machinga Youth Network, Steve Changuza, commended MHRYN for the training, adding that despite youths being represented in local government structures, most are not aware that they need to monitor youth activities that are taking place in the district.

“This training is very important because it has enlightened us on how we can follow up on youth activities. Many youths do not even know how much the council has allocated towards youth programmes and how the resources are being used,” he said.

Over 30 youth club leaders in the district were drawn to participate in the training.




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