15 November 2018
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 13:28

MP applauds government for elevating GVH to T/A in his constituency

Written by  Joseph Dzuwa


Nankhumwa - warned against corruption

Lilongwe, November 21, 2017: Lilongwe South West Parliamentarian, Peter Lewis Chakhwantha, joined communities Saturday in cerebrating newly installed Traditional Authority M’bwatalika, who before the promotion was Group Village Headwoman (GVH), saying the elevation of the chief was a step ahead for the development of his constituency.

Chakhwantha said the promotion of the GVH Mbwatalika to Traditional Authority translates into meaningful participation of the chief at the district full council meetings which decide development projects in the district.

“I am one of the few members of parliament in the country with two traditional authorities and this has motivated me to help government agenda on development through representation of the two traditional leaders,” he said.

In his speech, after the installation, Minister of Local Government and Rural development, Kondwani Nankhumwa, warned against corrupt practices, especially when transacting lists of beneficiaries in MASAF 4 and cash transfer programmes.

Nankhumwa said he had evidence, according to reports in his office, that some traditional leaders in the country create a list of ghost beneficiaries to pocket money meant for beneficiaries under them.

“What these chiefs do is that, if there are 100 beneficiaries, they only register 20 real beneficiaries, in certain circumstances all their relatives, and they dubiously collect the money for the 80 remaining beneficiaries,” he bemoaned.

The minister, therefore, warned that government will arrest any chiefs involved in the malpractices according to the laws of the country where nobody is above the law.

He also reminded the chiefs that it is only the president that has powers to elevate a chief to Sub-Traditional Authority, Traditional Authority, Senior and Paramount chief, referring to a protracted injunction by some people to restrain elevation of M’bwatalika to Traditional Authority.

Chrissie Yelemia, the seventh in M’bwatalika Clan, graciously rose from Group Village Headwoman to Traditional Authority becoming the second GVH to rise to T/A after the president also promoted GVH Makuta to Traditional Authority in Nkhotakota, according to the Minister.


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