21 February 2018
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Don't only involve us in grave digging-KU Youth

Written by  Vincent Khonje

Moyo-Dont involve us in grave digging only

Kasungu, November 12, 2017: As the youth in Kasungu continue to fight for involvement in structures at local council level, young people say they shouldn't only be needed when it is time to dig the grave for burying the dead.

Led by a youth organisation called ‘Good Health Youth Organization (GHYO)’ and supported by Plan Malawi, the youth have been holding a series of awareness campaigns to force duty bearers to recognise them in all local council structures from traditional authority level to district council level.

Chairperson for Kasungu Youth Network Emmanuel Moyo, speaking during one of the campaigns at Chamamatira, said the young people, being in majority, are supposed to be part of decision making processes so that their views and wishes are incorporated.

"We are many in as far as our population is concerned, as such, we also must be part of all decisions that are made in different structures. We should not be needed only when it comes to grave digging during funerals," said Moyo.

Zindikirani Mphande, chairperson of Umodzi Youth Club said as young people in the village, they wish they could be taking a productive role in development but the problem is that they lack relevant information that can guide them in taking up the positions.

"Lack of information on issues about young people makes us miss out a lot of opportunities," said Mphande.

GHYO Project Officer, Seba Mwetheya, said the youth and duty bearers have to be aware of what policies say about the youth.

"There is need to raise more awareness on issues of youth involvement in council structures. It's not about begging but doing what policies like decentralization and youth policies are suggesting," said Mwetheya.
Enhancing Youth Participation in Governance Project by GHYO has helped young people get recognized in local council structures both in district and municipal council.

This is evidenced by appointment of young people in various structures like Development Committees, School committees, ward committees and full council.


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