22 February 2018
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Friday, 07 July 2017 09:08

Mzimba NGO bemoans shortage of special needs education teachers

Written by  Leonard Masauli

Mzimba, July 7: Mzimba District Education Network (Mziden), an organization that advocates for quality basic education has called on government to consider pumping more resources towards training of more teachers in special needs education.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, Mziden chairperson, Teckson Amadu said there is significant shortage of special needs education teachers in the district.

“For example, out of 310 schools in Mzimba South, there are only five specialist teachers. They are not enough to match with the population of the learners with special needs in as far as inclusive education is concerned,” he said.

Amadu said many children with special needs are left in homes because there are no specialized teachers in most schools thereby denying them of their constitutional right to education.

“The national policy on special needs education calls for government to consider allocating three percent of the National Budget towards special needs education but we feel not much is being done on this.

“We, therefore, would like to remind government to consider pumping more resources towards special needs education for more children to attend school,” Amadu said.

He then bemoaned the tendency by some players in the construction industry who ignore infrastructural guidelines that require them to construct buildings accessible to learners with mobility challenges.

A recent study on living conditions among people with activity limitations conducted by Federation of Disability Organization in Malawi (Fedoma) and Centre for Social Research shows that 4.18 percent of the population consists of persons with disability of which 51 percent are males.
Group Village Head Mkhuzgo Jere said, as a leader, he would work with Mziden to lobby with government to ensure more teachers are trained in special needs education.


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