15 November 2018
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Culture of silence derailing development-Nice Trust

Written by  Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, May 29: The National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust says there is need for communities to closely engage duty bearers saying the culture of silence among communities has greatly derailed development in various parts of the country.

The remarks were made on Friday at the end of a three-day interface meeting which Chikwawa Nice Trust Office organized in the areas of Group Village Headmen Therere, Jana and Masache in the district.

Chikwawa Nice Trust Coordinator Joseph Chamambala said most communities fail to voice out their concerns which result in failure to have their problems addressed by authorities.

“People in the communities are afraid to talk to their duty bearers when things are not working. They have the people to look up to when it comes to development but they (communities) are not aggressive enough to take these duty bearers to task when they fail to deliver,” said Chimbalanga.

He added that in all the interface meetings NICE has conducted, it has been established that the only time communities make their importance known  is when they  want to remove duty bearers especially Members of Parliament (MP) during elections when they fail to deliver instead of engaging them now to improve their living conditions.

“Communities suffer all this time and wait for elections to voice out their concerns. That is not right because at the meantime, the communities need to receive various developments from programs such as the Local Development Fund (LDF), Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and District Development Fund (DDF) among others,” he said.

Vice Council Chairperson for Chikwawa District Khofati Malunga, who is also councilor for Alumenda Ward, said the interface meetings have been fruitful and Chikwawa Communities will now engage their duty bearers and other development partners to ensure that development takes place in the district.


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