24 April 2019
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Thursday, 20 April 2017 10:13

Beneficiaries hail DAHSP

Written by  Greciam Gama
Malijana's new house Malijana's new house

Phalombe, April 20, 2017: Beneficiaries of the Decent Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme (DAHSP) in Phalombe on Tuesday commended government for a successful implementation of the programme in the district.

The programme received credit during a supervision tour by Phalombe District Council officials aimed at appreciating the extent to which the programme has uplifted people’s lives in rural areas of the council’s jurisdiction. 

One of the beneficiaries, Dick Malijana of Biziweck village Traditional Authoriy Chiwalo could not hide his amusement over a decent house that he managed to construct during the first phase of the programme.

According to Malijana, without the programme he had no possible way of constructing a house that he finally owns.

“Throughout my life I have been sleeping in a mud, grass-thatched house which was the only thing I could manage, and I must admit that sleeping in a brick house with iron sheets roofing was not my dream until when I was identified as one of the people to benefit from DAHSP and here I am with a good house,” explained Malijana.

Malijana further asked government to increase the number of beneficiaries of the programme in order to allow many deserving Malawians an opportunity to own modern houses.

Commenting on the status of implementation of the programme, Housing Officer for Phalombe district Fackson Chidzalo said most beneficiaries have already utilized their chances to construct good houses for themselves, while others were yet to begin construction.

He went on to advise the beneficiaries who had not yet used their materials to start building their houses now than later.

Phalombe has over 500 people earmarked to benefit from the DAHSP in the first phase.


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