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Monday, 31 December 2018 05:48

Communities in Mulanje urged to own development projects

Written by  Daniel Nyanjagha
Principal Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Principal Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Pic sourced from internet

Mulanje, December 31, 2018: Principal Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Felix Ungapembe has urged communities in Mulanje to support various development projects being implemented in community day secondary schools (CDSSs). 

Ungapembe made the call during a training organized by Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) aimed at equipping teachers, traditional leaders and mother groups with knowledge on how best to use little resources in their communities to improve the quality of education in CDSSs.

During the meeting, Mulomba CDSS head teacher, Eric Cassim bemoaned lack of funds in trying to complete a laboratory the school is constructing.

“We are in the process of building a laboratory but we are failing to finish it. Since government removed fees in public secondary schools, it has been hard for us to source funds since sometimes we don’t receive grants from government,” he said.

In his reaction, Ungapembe urged the communities to own the projects so that government would only have to complement on what they have already started.

“We want the community to work together and own the projects in CDSSs. If that happens they can do plans together like the school improvement plans and would support and protect the schools because they have taken it as their own.

“They should not rely on government to come in and help. The communities have to initiate development programs, government and organizations should just have to complement,” Ungapembe said.

In his remarks, CRECCOM Community Engagement Officer for Mulanje, Thomas Chimwaza said development projects should be championed by communities.

“The communities have the responsibility; they should have a big role to make sure their schools are developed. The communities themselves have issues on the ground and they also have the best solutions,” Chimwaza said.

Chimwaza, therefore, disclosed that CRECCOM is implementing a project called Improving Education Quality in community day secondary schools (IEQ) which would provide grants for selected CDSSs to help fund projects that are already taking shape.

“The schools would be required to produce school improvement plans which would consider improving quality and relevance, access and equity, governance and management in schools before being given school improvement grants,” he said.

“We don’t have to impose solutions on the schools because they may not work in their areas but when the community is fully engaged, I challenge you that there can be a lot of positive things happening,” Chimwaza added.


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