20 August 2018
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Thursday, 17 May 2018 15:15

Balaka set to launch manure making campaign

Written by  Louis Kumchima

Balaka, May 17, 2018: Balaka District Agriculture Development Officer (DADO), Dennis Zingeni, has underscored the need for farmers to embrace agriculture-smart technology as a way of averting effects of dry spells and outbreaks of fall army worm which occurs as a result of climate change.

Agriculture-smart technology is a concept that encourages farmers to practice manure making, agriculture irrigation and silage preservation.

Briefing the District Agricultural Extension Coordination Committee (DAECC) on Wednesday about the technology, Zingeni said time was ripe for farmers in Balaka to utilize such initiatives, saying they are a catalyst for high crop and livestock production.

“I would like to encourage farmers to utilize residues and maize stalks that are available in the field during this harvest period to enhance agriculture conservation,” he said.

Zingeni, however, disclosed that the campaign would also be accompanied with trophies.

“The competition will start at grass root level in a bid to encourage our local leaders to be in the forefront in increasing agricultural productivity in their respective areas,” Zingeni said.

According to the DADO, the campaign is expected to start in June (2018) all the way to July, 2019.


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