18 March 2018
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Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:11

Nsanje district reduces GBV cases due to community sensitisation programmes

Written by  Martin Chiwanda
USEFUL: NICE Nsanje using drama to mobilise people for an event - File Photo USEFUL: NICE Nsanje using drama to mobilise people for an event - File Photo

Nsanje, March 2, 2018: Vigorous community sensitisations by Nsanje Police on the effects of Gender Based Violence (GBV) are said to have contributed to the significant reduction of such cases in the district.

Information in possession of Malawi News Agency shows that last year between January and February, Nsanje Police Station received 92 GBV cases while this year; the same period only 52 cases have been registered.

Nsanje Police Public Relations Officer, Agnes Zalakoma confirmed the decrease in GBV cases as compared to last year.

She observed that this year, the district was performing well in reducing the cases due to the intensification of community sensitizations which the police and other partners were conducting in the district.

“Surely, we have made some positive strides since we started intensive community sensitizations on the dangers of GBV in the district. For instance, last year in the months of January and February, we received 92 GBV cases while this year within the same months we have received just 52.

“This shows that the district is making some remarkable progress in reducing gender based violence,” Zalakoma pointed out.

Nsanje District Malawi Centre for Advice, Research on Rights paralegal officer, Gabriel Tengani said Police and other partners have done better when it comes to ending GBV since most people were now able to report such cases which was not the case in the past.

He noted that there was still need to keep creating awareness in places where people do not know about gender based violence.

“It is really true that GBV cases in the district have been reduced significantly recently. I am sure that people are able to appreciate the negative impact of such vices. I am sure that as a district we can do more if we continue with the sensitizations in the communities,” Tengani agreed.


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