11 December 2017
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Monday, 20 November 2017 16:02

GOVT injects K44.7 million into Machinga Irrigation Project

Written by  Mayamiko Majawa
A farmer stands in his irrigation field - File Photo A farmer stands in his irrigation field - File Photo

MACHINGA, November 20, 2017:  Machinga District Executive Committee (DEC) during the weekend gave a go ahead to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development to implement a K44.7 million worth of Irrigation Project.

The project will be implemented under Programme for Rural Development (PRIDE) at Chanyumbu Scheme in Traditional Authority Chamba and Chingoni Scheme in Mposa in the district.

The project is expected to enhance smallholder households’ income and nutritional uptake for sustainable agricultural production.

Briefing DEC members, Chief Irrigation Officer (CIO) for the Ministry, Anderson Mbozi, said the project among other aims, seeks to build resilient among smallholder households by equipping them with skills on land and water management systems for both rain-fed and irrigation agriculture.

“We would want to develop environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural production systems managed by smallholder farmers on both rain-fed and irrigation farming,” said Mbozi, adding the project will run for seven years.

He further said the schemes will cover not less than 40 hectares but may cover up to 850 hectares.

George Mwazaangati, an official from the District Commissioner’s Office, said the project had been introduced at the right time as it would create opportunities for smallholder farmers to produce more, thereby averting hunger in the process.

“As a council, we will even make sure that there is transparency and accountability when implementing the project,” Mwazaangati said.


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