19 February 2018
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Friday, 27 October 2017 15:14

Dowa's 80,000 national IDs withheld, Council resolves to use voter IDs for FISP

Written by  Brino Kayanga Mwale
People waiting patiently to be registered to have a  National ID - File Photo People waiting patiently to be registered to have a National ID - File Photo

Dowa, October 27, 2017: Dowa District Council Thursday passed a resolution empowering the council to use the Voter Registration Cards to receive coupons in this year's Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) despite being against government's prearrangement of using national IDs.

The resolution was made at a full council meeting held at Dowa Council Offices. The Council also demanded that National Registration Bureau Officials be summoned to explain the anomaly.

The resolution came after District Commissioner, Fannie Msimuko, announced that 80,000 National Identity Cards in the district have been withheld by the NRB for various reasons pending further scrutiny.

Msimuko who said the IDs will be used in the FISP program, appealed to those who will not have the IDs to go to the council for assistance.

Speaking at the meeting, Two Dowa parliamentarians, Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi for Dowa West Constituency and Harry Njoka Chipeni for Dowa South East, accused NRB for the problems rocking the distribution of the National IDs.

The two legislators said people struggled to get registered and it is not fair for them not to have their IDs now.

The two parliamentarians lamented that in some centres in the district which registered over 4000; only 500 IDs were made available, while in some centres only five names are appearing with the rest missing.

Dowa District Assistant Registration Officer, Malla Zimba, attributed the failures to suspicious and faint finger prints, which raised fears that some people might have registered more than once.

She said all the problems were being looked into and soon the challenges will be rectified and every deserving Malawian citizen will get their National ID.

Zimba said after 14 days from the IDs distribution in the centres, her office will send a report to the headquarters.

Dowa is one of the first councils in Malawi to receive the National IDs for distribution.


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