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Thursday, 12 October 2017 05:10

Nandolo Association in Balaka for better pigeon peas prices

Written by  Louis Kumchima

Balaka, October 11, 2017: With an aim of improving the livelihood of rural households through improved pigeon peas value chain and better market access, Nandolo Association in Balaka has embarked on a Pigeon Peas Sector Improvement Project. 

Speaking on Tuesday during District Executive Committee(DEC), Project Officer  for Nandolo Association, Ames Bandawe, said farmers have been encountering a lot of challenges due to lack of reliable markets that are well structured.

“We need to organize our market so that pigeon peas farming should not only be benefited by the farmers but the nation as well. There was need to organize our farmers into cooperatives so that they should be able to charge prices based on the cost of production,” he said.

According to Bandawe, the project is also going to increase productivity and income of the targeted smallholder farmers through providing better seeds, piloting of improved seeds and bulking as well as introducing Nandolo SACCO to allow pigeon peas farmers have access to credits.

“As we know a high quality product fetches high price on the market. It is our responsibility to train people on how they can enhance their seeds through grading and ensure proper storage to meet the needs of the buyer,” said Bandawe.

Bandawe said the project will engage with government to allow farmers use processing plants situated at Liwonde for pigeon peas value addition.


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