26 April 2018
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Saturday, 15 July 2017 19:06

Nsanje borehole spare parts owners blast MPs over CDF procurement

Written by  Martin Chiwanda

Nsanje, July 15: Nsanje borehole spare parts shop owners have blasted their members of parliament for shunning and not empowering them economically when they are procuring borehole spare parts using the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

The concerned borehole spare parts shop owners voiced out their concerns during an interface meeting with the borehole area mechanics who manages major maintenances in their respective areas organized by the district’s water development department with funding from UNICEF.

One of the spare parts shop owners Clement Shawa who owns Clecle Hardware in the area of chief Tengani, Nsanje Central Constituency noted that members of parliament in the district have been procuring borehole spare parts in Blantyre despite the fact that they stock the same in the district at a reasonable price.

Shawa said: “We are of the view that when one says development, it does not only mean the infrastructure only but economically too. So, the CDF is meant for social and economic development within the constituencies which means that even us shop owners of spare parts we are to benefit by buying our spares.

“However, this is not the case. As we expect our MPs to buy spares from us, they travel to Blantyre for only procurement of spare parts which we have in stock here in the district. They are failing to empower us economically by procuring spare parts locally from us.”

Asked if they have the capacity to provide spare parts with funds from CDF, Shawa said they have the capacity, and buying from them expenses can be reduced.

“We have the capacity here. For your information, buying from us could be cheaper than in Blantyre. The suppliers in Blantyre add delivery costs than us here. Therefore, when they are empowering us economically by procuring our spare parts, they are also saving the government’s money. We therefore ask Mr. Nyali who is District Water Development Officer to take our concerns to the District commissioner as well as our members of parliament,” asked Shawa.

The District Water Development Officer Grant Nyali acknowledged the concerns as he described them as genuine as he assured the Nsanje Borehole spare parts owners that he will take the message to the relevant authorities for consideration.

“It is a genuine concern coming from these shop owners. These shop owners have the capacity to provide the durable borehole spare parts. I am going to meet the DC so that he can reason with the members of parliament to start giving them the chance of supplying spares,” said Nyali.

On the interface which was organized by his department, Nyali said they wanted to create good working relationship between Spare parts shop owners and Area mechanics who are responsible for major borehole maintenance in their respective communities.

Nyali said the working relationship between the two will create enabling environment in as far as communities’ access to water all the time and water development is concerned in the district.

“Sometimes area mechanics in the communities they do not know that there are spare parts shops in their respective areas which they can buy and fix a fault within the shortest period of time. On the other hand, the shop owners also do not know the existence of the area mechanics who may need their spares. Therefore, the gathering is significant as sustainability of the boreholes in the district will be enhanced through their cordial working relationship with these two,” explained Nyali.

The interface was funded by UNICEF


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