19 September 2017
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Farmers urged to work hard to produce surplus crops

Written by  Sellah Singini

Mangochi, July 7: Deputy Programme Manager for Machinga Agriculture Development Division (ADD), Allan Kaliwo, has urged farmers in Mangochi to work hard in their fields to realise bumper yields.

Speaking on Tuesday during an agriculture show held in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Bwananyambi in Mangochi, Kaliwo said agriculture shows are conducted as one way of encouraging farmers to work hard in their farms to produce more yields as a way of reducing food insecurity.

“We would like to bring farmers together to learn from each other and at the end, farmers are encouraged to work hard by giving the best farmers awards as we have seen today,” Kaliwo said.

He said it is hard for farmers on their own to arrange exchange visits and learn from each other due to busy schedules and minimal resources hence the intervention of the Agriculture Office to conduct agriculture shows.

In his remarks, Vice Chairperson for Mangochi District Council, Councillor Saidi Makolera, also encouraged the farmers in the district to work hard in their farms and avoid selling all their produce to avert hunger during the lean season.

“Before you take your crop produce to the market, make sure you plan and budget properly. You should keep enough to last the whole year until the next harvest,” Makolera advised.

Speaking earlier, District Agriculture Development Officer (DADO) for Mangochi, Owen Kumwenda, concurred with Kaliwo saying the shows aim at bringing all farmers together to learn from each other especially those performing well.

During the show, farmers who performed well were awarded with various items like bicycles, wheelbarrows, bags of fertilisers and pesticides among other things to the tune of K1.4 million.


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