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Monday, 09 March 2015 21:18

Chief warns people against marginal land cultivation

Written by  Donnex Chisala

A field of crops washed away by the recent floods - File Photo

Lilongwe, March 9: Group Village Headman (GVH) Mwamadi in Blantyre has put by-laws in her area to safeguard environment in an effort to prevent occurrences of disasters.

This comes against a sad background of disasters in Malawi that has left the citizenry with lots of damage.

 In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) GVH Mwamadi of Bangwe Township said the flood disaster had affected the huge number of people in Bangwe leaving them homeless which forced her to conduct meetings with concerned people to find ways of making the location disaster free.  

“We have had meetings with village headmen in my area in order to put measures on how to prevent future disasters which might occur following cultivation of marginal lands like Bangwe hill,” said Mwamadi.

“Bangwe location was badly affected by the floods something that has been a wakeup call. There is need to do something if Bangwe is to prevent future floods” she added.

According to Mwamadi some of the factors that led to water flash flood in Bangwe Township were careless cutting down of trees, cultivating and building on the hill.

“If we can compare the past ten years Bangwe Mountain had a thick vegetative cover but as the population was growing people started cutting down trees carelessly to open fields for cultivation which has actually graduated into flooding,” said Mwamadi.

GVH Mwamadi said that she had seen the importance of putting laws to regulate people from cultivating along the mountain or creating settlements on the mountain.

“We want to bring back vegetation by facilitating tree replanting initiative has already started as a cardinal way of winning back the lost glory of Bangwe hill,” said Mwamadi.

Meanwhile, Group village Headman Mwamadi has warned citizens against violating the agreed laws and regulations saying appropriate punishments would follow and that particular person will be offered a forced transfer out of the township.  


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