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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 16:46

Dedza Potato traders challenged to retain quality of the product

Written by  Linda Moyo

Dedza, February 25: Potato Traders in Dedza have been advised to ensure quality of potatoes they order from farmers is retained until they reach the end users.

The advice was given by the country’s Director for Rural Livelihood and Economic Enhancement Programme (RLEEP) Dixon Ngwende when he opened a two day seminar for potato traders in Dedza.

Ngwende said if the traders can be equipped with enough information on how to give their customers quality potatoes the country will not be importing potatoes while the country has its own potato farmers.

“Most of the times when people talk about agribusiness they only talk about farmers forgetting those who take the farm products to the end users.  This is the same thing when we talk a about potato business,” said Ngwende.

It is with this reason that made RLEEP to conduct two day training for potato traders from Kanyama and Bembeke Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) in Dedza.

He added that it is the traders that make the potatoes of poor quality because they have no knowledge on how to handle the potatoes from farmers to markets, so traders are supposed to be well organized so that they should meet the requirements of bigger markets, the practically well-structured ones.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana) on behalf of other potato traders Layimeni Mafuramu said he is grateful to what RLEEP has done to them by organizing this important training because it’s going to equip them with knowledge on how to handle potatoes to have good profits.

He further said doing business in groups is very helpful since people share each other some new ideas.