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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 21:06

Coffee farmers urged to use organic manure

Written by  Solister Mogha

Mulangeni points at one of the coffee trees grown using orgainc manure - Pic by by Solister Mogha

Lilongwe, February 24: Malawi Organic Association (MOGA) in conjunction with Support Cooperatives Malawi has asked Coffee Farmers in the country to use organic manure for them to realize maximum profits from the crop.

Pilirani Ngwale, MOGA Managing Director told Malawi News Agency(Mana)  that  many  food as well as seed companies  in and outside the country were now  interested in buying agricultural produce grown using organic manure than those cultivates using  genetic modified fertilizers.

Ngwale said the change in demand is as a result of health hazards that genetic modified fertilizers has to human bodies.

“Malawi’s economy is agro based and coffee is one of such crops that help in improving the country’s economic muscle. However for some years now, there has been a swift in regards to demand as the international markets now demanded crops grown using organic manure.

 “This therefore calls for our farmers to change from using genetic modified fertilizer to organic manure for them to realize benefits in the sector while at the same time continue their contributions to the economy of the country,” Ngwale explained.

 He said MOGA will try its best to sensitize farmers on the need to adopt usage of organic manure with the aim of enabling their produce to compete at both local and international markets.

Apart from coffee farmers Ngwale encouraged all farming families in the country to adopt usage of organic manure.

“We are not only focusing on coffee but also any other crop that can be grown by farmers,” he said.

 John Mulangeni, Project Manager for Support Malawi Cooperatives said markets for organic manure grown crops were available and that farmers should not be worried.

“As a cooperative we would like to encourage our farmers that we will do our best and ensure that they sell their yields at a profit,” Mulangeni explained.

 Kamangoni Cooperative, a grouping of about 1500 coffee farmers in Ntcheu started using organic manure for the past three years.

 This year, the cooperative is optimistic of a greater and profitable yield.

Traditional Authority (TA) Chakhumbila who is a Member of the Cooperative said ever since he started using organic manure he has been able to produce more than enough food.

“About 3000 farming families from this area are using organic manure and all of them have openly told me that from the time they started applying organic manure they have been able to produce reasonable yield that brought them good benefits,” the chief said promising to encourage many more farmers to adopt the farming system.




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