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Ennoh K back with ‘Pakalapakala ‘a newly released song

Written by  Esnath Kalawe
Ennoh K- I had a healthy  break Ennoh K- I had a healthy break


Lilongwe, February 5, 2018: Enock Kabuli a Lilongwe based Gospel artist popularly known by his stage name ‘Ennoh Mwana-wa-Igwe’ is back with ‘pakalapakala’ single song after a silence of over two years without releasing an album.

The song which talks about following Christ in double standards without negotiating his love with other things has dominated the airwaves in Malawi.

After listening to this newly released single, you can notice that God invested talent in the author since the song is self-explanatory.

In an Interview with the Malawi News Agency (Mana) the Artist, Enock Kabuli said he has been busy with personal issues and that he is back after developing musically.

“I have been silent in the music circles but now I am back with more fire with the current standards and I have matured in the music industry,” Kabuli said.

Kabuli described his silence in releasing a new album as a healthy break because it had made him have holistic view of music from the peripheral spectacles saying ‘pakalapakala’ song is just a taste of his new album to be released soon.

“I have decided to release the new single just to allow my fans to taste my new touch which will be released in the coming months. I have rebranded my melodies to ensure that I stay relevant with the current trend,” he said.

Kabuli added that the song refers to a person who stands firm for Christ regardless of the pressure he or she might face, a person who never double-crosses or supplement Christ with other immoral possessions.

“The song describes a person who is never shaken but stands confidently for Christ despite the bad situation he or she might come across,” he stated.

Kabuli came to be popular with his first album which had songs like ‘Dalaiva, Taoloka and Wachita izi ndi Ambuye among other songs.


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