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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 13:26

Macelba to drill female artists

Written by  Moses Nyirenda
Macelba-Am prepared and am looking forward to share my knowledge and skills Macelba-Am prepared and am looking forward to share my knowledge and skills

Lilongwe, January 3, 2017: Renowned Lilongwe based urban music star, Macelba, has planned to drill various female artists in artistic skill sets in a one-day lecture program organised by Female Entrepreneurs Network (FEENNET) scheduled to take place on January 13, 2018 at Akulenji Inn in Lilongwe.

FEENNET Chief Executive Officer, Catherine Mlenga, confirmed to Malawi News Agency (Mana) about the lecture program, saying the program is aimed at drilling female artists on different talents.

“We are set to drill female artists of different artistic talents including musicians, poets, comedians, dancers and actors,” said Mlenga.

She added the artists will be lectured by the 2017 Urban Music People (UPM) award winner as a way of inspiring and empowering them with new artistic skills which are relevant to their entertainment careers.

Mlenga further said the artists would be drilled in script writing, delivery of message to target audience, investing, targeting, evaluation and publicity techniques, observing that many artists lack such skills in order to excel with their careers.

“Many artists are failing to outshine with their products because of poor lyrics, timing, targeting, content in scripts, publicizing and evaluating, so we want to tackle these issues,” explained Mlenga.

She said their mission is to help female artists to develop their skills so they can earn money and reduce poverty. The other objective, she said, was to keep the girls occupied during and after school in order to minimize early marriages in the country.

According to Mlenga, FEENNET also organizes other trainings every month which include; foreign meals preparation (cooking), hair dressing and fashion designing.

Mlenga, however, bemoaned lack of financial support as a key challenge their organisation is currently facing, hence the urge to female artists to register for this year’s special lecture program with a fee of K5, 000 to cater for the needs during the program.

The 2017 award winning ‘Apse mtima’ hit maker-Macelba told Mana in an interview he was ready to drill the artists during the lecture program.

“I am prepared and looking forward to share my knowledge and skills to other artists,” said the ‘apse mtima’ hit maker.

He urged the artists to attend the lecture program and share their skills to help them improve in the production of entertaining products.


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