26 April 2018
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Invest in Malawi Music - Hilco

Written by  Arkangel Tembo
Hilco for investing in Malawi music - Pic Arkangel Tembo Hilco for investing in Malawi music - Pic Arkangel Tembo

Blantyre, January 3, 2017: Malawi’s Afro pop musician, Hilda Ulolo, popularly known as Hilco, has called on institutions and individuals to invest towards the support of Malawian music for the sector to develop.

In an interview on Tuesday, the Chirimba Township based musician said music can be a good source of income, just like any other economic activity, but claimed it has been neglected by the society.

She said music can also be used to fight social vices and raise public awareness about issues of concern.

“Music is a tool that can be used to disseminate information about HIV and AIDS, gender based violence (GBV) and foster development in the country,” she said.

Currently, Hilco has nine songs to her name with songs such as Chekecheke and Touch and Go enjoying massive television airplay.

Meanwhile, Hilco is set to release a new single titled ‘Wanga’, which also features the Delilah star, Saint.

The artist said the song talks about the relationship between a boy and a girl, whereby in the first place, the girl could not trust the man.

“Wanga is a classic song which also features a number of vocalists. Through the single, I want to give my fans what they have been craving for, for quite some time now,” said Hilco.

She disclosed that the single will be available online for easy access and will also be available in leading music stores country wide.

Looking at the number of upcoming and veteran musicians in the country, she said the music sector requires more support and investment from individuals and institutions it is to be effective in disseminating issues that affect the Malawian Society.


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