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Warm Heart Poetry Festival to Promote Malawian Culture

Written by  Thumbiko Nyirongo

BLANTYRE, December 4, 2017: At last Malawi ancestors can afford to smile following the launch of ‘Warm Heart Poetry Festival’ which aims at restoring and promoting Malawian culture.

At exactly 1:44 pm on Sunday, a Malawian National Anthem led by a young girl marked the historic launch of the Warm Heart Poetry Festival at Blantyre Culture Centre (BCC).

The National Anthem followed a number of childhood songs such as the famous ‘Amina-Amina’ which reminded hundreds of spectators not only their childhood but also Malawian cultural values, as said by one of the spectator.

“The songs really reminded me of my childhood and it is pathetic that children nowadays are not aware of such songs,” said Yusita Matemba, who was accompanied by her two children.

After the songs, the stage was left for Chichiri Prison Culture Troop who mesmerized the Culture Centre with ‘unique’ dancing skills and traditional songs.

Later it was time for the poets to crack brains with their poems full of culture; Yankho Seunda, Sylvester Kalizang'oma, Ian Tambala, Esnart Tambala and the veteran Alfred Msadala were among the poets who performed.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) host for the festival, Babangoni Chisale said the festival aimed at promoting Malawian culture.

“We have organized this festival with the aim of promoting Malawian culture and values.  We thought of poetry as one of the tool we can use to promote culture.

This is our country and we are supposed to be proud that we are in Malawi and are born to be Malawian and nothing can change that,” said Chisale.

According to Chisale, Warm Heart Poetry Festival’ will be an annual event which will be held in July.


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