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Lulu and Mathumela Band to hold a Jazz night

Written by  Nancy Chavi

BLANTYRE, November 16, 2017: Lawrence ‘Lulu’ Khwisa together with his band known as Lulu and Mathumela Banda are holding a Jazz night on November 25 at Chameleon Bar in Lilongwe.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday, Lulu said the jazz which they play is very different from most of the jazz events that are held in the nation as they mostly play original jazz and only do copies with a message behind it.

“For instance, if we are playing at Capital City Motel and want to talk about the history of the venue through our music, then we play copies of Bright Nkhata, Kalimba band, Makasu band because this is where these bands used to play,” said Lulu.

The bands mentioned above were the ones who first introduced the jazz sessions at Capital City Motel in the 1990s.

Lulu added, “We feel we have to honour them every time we play at the venue by playing covers that were originally done by them.

“Traditionally we host a jazz night at Chameleon after every three months and the audience who have been present there before know what to expect. That is why I did not indicate many details on the poster because the real message I wished to communicate was the date of the show.

“There was a time in my music career when I thought I would only appeal to the young crowd, but it’s amazing to see that all age groups appreciate my music. The jazz I play is emotional and soulful and touches a lot of people,” he said.


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