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Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:00

Piksy set to release a new song ‘40’

Written by  Nancy Chavi

Blantyre, November 9, 2017: Malawi’s celebrated afro pop star, Piksy, also popularly known as Chimfana Chodziwika ndi Boma among his followers, is set to release a new single on Monday entitled 40.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency on Thursday, Piksy said he decided to give the song the title 40 to keep his fans guessing.

He said: “The song has a very simple concept. It is basically talking about karma. The bad things we do to others today might bounce back to us one day.” 

The artist, whose real name is Evance Zangazanga observed that in Malawi, people always refer to karma as La 40. He was sure most people were familiar with the phrase and that they would be in a position to relate it to the song.

“I know the youth will love the beat and tune of the song. The targeted audience are people from age five to even the 50s. What makes this song different from my previous ones is the genre, it is oriented on hip hop,” Piksy added.

The afro pop star, whose music has reached the youth at national, urban and rural areas, has had a number of hit songs including Unamata, Uncle Short One and Angozo.


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