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Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:40

Phalyce Mang’anda set for Mangani Malamba launch

Written by  Chilungamo Missi

Blantyre, November 2, 2017: Celebrated gospel musician, Phalyce Mang’anda says all is set for her double project launch in Blantyre where she will be launching a CD and DVD of her third album titled Mangani Malamba at Robin’s Park on November 5.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday, the gospel songbird said the event is going to be colorful and those who are going to patronize it will experience nothing but the best.

“I am assuring my audience that I am still growing stronger and for the first time, there is going to be a projector whereby my DVD is going to be premiered before one step on the stage”, said Mang’anda.

She added that to make the event exciting, she has involved the country’s well known gospel artists such as Thoko Katimba, Favoured Martha, King James Phiri, Allan Chirwa, the Lilongwe based Marvelous Deeds, Miracle Chinga and Walisungu Kishombe among others, to perform at the launch.  
She said it has been a while since she stepped on stage but is now geared to entertain her fans and spread the word of God.

She said Mangani Malamba has 11 songs which include, Thanthwe, Nena Zikomo, Wakwiyiranji Kaini, Ndili ndi Mantha and Yehova Sagona among others.

Mang’anda started her music journey at a tender age of six when she was in Sunday school. In the 1990s she was a choir member of All Angels Choir which had hit songs such as Chisautso cha Moyo and Uleke.


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