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Agagi song striking the airwaves in Malawi

Written by  Esnath Kalawe
Allan Jogi - Tthe Agagi maker Allan Jogi - Tthe Agagi maker

Lilongwe, October 29, 2017: A newly released ‘Agagi’ song composed by Allan Jogi a Blantyre based upcoming gospel artist is striking the airwaves in Malawi with more fire.

After listening to the newly released ‘Agagi’ song one can easily notice that the author took time to come up with the song and that there is talent invested in him.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency (Mana) the Author Allan Jogi said the song contains messages concerning how people behave these days and how the world is moving.

“Most people have forgotten God’s commandments, instead people are just doing things according to their will, for instance the Bible teaches us that we were created in the image of God. Look nowadays people are misusing the image of God by doing immoral things like smoking, drinking beer and prostitution among others.” Jogi said.

According to Jogi , the intention  for  composing the song was to advise  people in this world that they have lost the right path and that they must go back to God’s commandments hence God is ready to forgive their sins referring to the Bible story about  Soul, noting that he received punishment because of his disobedience.

“I wanted to warn all people to remember Gods commandments after noticing that people have lost track. When you read the Book of 1 Samuel 15 verse 1 to 35 the bible tells the story of Soul being punished because of his disobedience, that is where people can believe that God will really punish sinners,” Jogi narrated.

The song is one of the 11 trucks from ‘Yagwera pati nkhwangwa ’tittle truck album which contains other songs like; Zakeyu, Ulendo wanu, Sindifuna  and Ukadzatha moyo uno among others.

Jogi said he noted that he has talent some time back during late Grace Chinga’s era after she  approached  him to be one of her backers. Besides, he also composes, writes and teaches music in different denominations.

“Other musicians also spotted talent in me and I want to assure all my fans that I will give them well cooked pieces of music through live performances, because I also teach music in different churches,” he said.

The Agagi maker, as some people have called him, worked with Princes Chitsulo  and Eliza Mponya  during the composition of  Chenjera Petulo and Wakhala bwanji munthu songs  respectively, and his song ‘Agagi’  is striking almost each and every radio station in Malawi.


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