25 September 2017
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Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:24

Mzati shifts album launch to end September

Written by  Zaward Likatho
Mzati set for album release Mzati set for album release

BLANTYRE, September 6: Known as Mzati in the music circles but born Alinafe Light Chiwanda, an Afro Jazz music icon has postponed the launch of his debut album from September 9 to September 30.

The album that has 14 songs, all done by him, was supposed to be launched on Mzati’s birthday that falls on September 7.

In an interview on Monday, Mzati said he wanted to launch the album on his birthday hence set the date to September 7, the day he was born, but because it was during the week, the launch was shifted to September 9. Currently, the date has been set on September 30 to suit his fans.

“We had some fans that were complaining about the date due to numerous events taking place so I changed the date because I care so much about my fans,” said the artist promising to give them his best. 

Moreover, the 23 year old Afro Jazz artist said he has shot a video of one of the tracks titled Chidyerano which tackles the issue of love.

The video was shot by Abstract Records and directed by Elvin.

Mzati’s debut album features supporting artists like Sam Shawa, Wachituta, Jamal and Mlaka Maliro among others.


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