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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 14:18

Mr India thrills M1 Centre with ‘Nkhawa za mavenda’ album

Written by  Esnath Kalawe
Mr India on stage Mr India on stage

Lilongwe, August 2: Yohane Kachere, popularly known as Mr India entertained poem lovers at M1 Center Point in Lilongwe with his 17 poems that are centering on the life of vendors over the weekend.

Mr India as he is popularly known for his imitation of the Indian accent when reciting poems, has packaged the 17 poems in an album titled Nkhawa za mavenda for his fans to buy.

“I am very happy to see a lot of people coming to witness the launch of my album. I have been longing for this day. I could not have made it but God has been on my side,” Kachere said.

Popular poems in the album such as Chamba paliponse, Town sisunga kape, Aliyense alinacho, and Nkhawa za mavenda express problems that vendor face in the course of their business such as occasional running battles with city council official over illegal vending and strict city regulations.

Kachere was supported by fellow poets such as Joseph Madzedze of Mayeso aku usilikali fame, Hudson Chamasowa of kusimongoliya fame, Raphael Sitima of Chala change and Samuel Joseph of Tisamampatse busy Mulungu. The show was also spiced with music by Kaka and Innocent Chitimbe of Kabulubudzu wa Mbedza and Chikondi cha mayi songs.

The organising Manager for the live poetry show, Chisomo Chingwalu, told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that, everything went on well because they had a thorough preparation and that God has been on their side,

“We have made history in poetry industry. I never expected people to come in large numbers. I know God was with us,” Chingwalu said.

The show was organised with assistance from Pentecostal Life Radio (plfm) and Television, Galan Mw1 and Galaxy Radio.


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