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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 07:52

YAD flashes red card on liquor sachets

Written by  James Mwale

Lilongwe, September 16, 2014, Mana: Young Achievers for Development (YAD), a Malawian youth Non Governmental Organisation matched to Parliament Tuesday morning to submit a petition calling for a permanent ban of liquor sachets.

The youths who conducted their match clad in red caps and T-shirts while flashing a soccer referee’s red card, explained that their petition had been prompted by underage drinking due to affordable prices and accelerated hazards, including deaths of those who consume the liquor.

“Malawi media has been awash with stories of people dying after drinking such sachet spirits”, reads the petition which further states that “On 4th November 2012, Nyasatimes reported that a Chancellor College student, Victor Juma died after excessively drinking sachet spirits alcohol.”

Before submitting the petition to Parliament’s Legal Affairs Chairperson, who is also Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South West Constituency, Peter Chakwantha, YAD president Jefferson Millanzie stressed that they would not rest until their petition was granted.

Receiving the document on behalf of fellow legislators, Chakwantha hailed the youths for conducting their demonstration peacefully and assured them that their grievances would be earnestly looked into.

He also conceded that consumption of liquor sachets was fast becoming an issue of national concern, saying most parents were complaining about the same concerning their children.

Chakwantha said: “We will revisit the liquor act and the Malawi Bureau of Standards and see if there are any areas requiring review.”

The youths were accompanied by other concerned organisations including Forum for National Development (FND) and other influential youths like Dominic Sangalakula and Otis Chilamba  known as Dominant 1 and Blasto respectively in urban music circles.


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