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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 05:39

Artist uses his paintings to depict how globalization overshadows African culture

Written by  Rose Mahorya
David painting one of his products , One Sunny Day David painting one of his products , One Sunny Day pic by Rose Marhoya

Mzuzu, February 11, 2019: While different commentators speak out on the effects of globalization on different cultures and other African concepts, Mchinji based visual artist, Mzengo David, has decided to illustrate such effects through paintings.

David’s painting titled ‘Uncoloured core’ has colour all round except the centre piece.

“This piece depicts the effects of globalization on our culture. Most Africans think that anything including culture that originated from Western Countries is better than our culture. This belief is slowly leading to the extinction of our culture.

“Today, we see pornographic videos and listen to pornographic music lyrics, and we experience increased cases of drug abuse, lack of respect for elders, violence and many others which are alien to our culture,” said David.

David, through his art piece ‘Urban cover, Ethic tears’ shows a person covering himself with modern cloth while shedding tears.

“As we adopt strange cultures that come with globalization, we tend to believe that we are advanced because we are covered with western type of living, yet we still remain Africans.

“No matter how much western we try to be, when it hurts, we still cry in our mother languages,” he said.

David, however, said it is possible to live within the African cultural boundaries and at the same time embrace the positive effects of globalization as illustrated in his art piece ‘Chaotic Harmony’.

“Chaotic harmony is a piece which shows all possibilities of maintaining our cultural identities and be able to live in harmony with people of different cultures.

“There are some areas of our culture that can be modernized and improved rather than completely abandoning them and be identified with alien cultures,” he said.


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