17 August 2019
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Monday, 31 December 2018 05:30

Mzinda TV series creates employment opportunities to Malawians through film making

Written by  Esnath Kalawe
Part of the crew for Mzinda TV Series Part of the crew for Mzinda TV Series Pic by Esnath Kalawe

Lilongwe, December 31, 2018: As the dream multimedia production launched Mzinda TV series last Friday in Lilongwe, Film makers say the platform will help in creating employment opportunities among talented Malawians besides exposing their talents.

Mzinda TV series is a Malawian television series that unveils issues of human rights, culture preservation, early marriages and corruption among others.

The main focus is to provide a platform for change through TV drama and also promoting film industry in Malawi.

Speaking after the launch, Chairperson of Mzinda TV series, McPherson Chatama said the platform has come to stay in order to satisfy the appetite for most Malawians who have been watching international drama series saying now they have chance to watch and listen to Malawian Movies which is coming soon.

"Most people just like Malawians have found international series very interesting. We are confident to win Malawian audience even beyond boarders," Chatama said.

According to Chatama, the TV series will create a lot of opportunities to potential actors and actresses saying they have a couple of themes to tackle which will attract a lot of influential characters to join as the production progresses.

"The projection is for five years, and to be in the movie is not just a joke, we have multiple themes going together with episodes which will need more people to come in with their talents to meet audience expectations," he said.

He added that listeners and viewers will experience things they likely see in everyday life, saying with feedback from audience the platform is confident to come up with perfect productions ready to compete at international level, hence the need for employing more talented people with passion in arts.

One of the actresses in the series production, who is also the President for Actors Welfare Initiatives (AWI), Harriet Maliri encouraged youths to achieve their dreams, noting that if they spot talents in them, they should not misuse it but rather do something which can be productive to their life.

"I can assure young people with acting skills to utilize the opportunity and make a living through drama, and not to be indulging in immoral behaviours, in order to uplift this nation,” Maliri said.

Mzinda series production will be producing on-going episodes just like South African series such as Generation, Scandal and Rhythm City among others. Apart from entertaining, informing and educating it will also promote Malawian culture among others.


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