17 August 2019
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Thursday, 20 December 2018 14:53

Vube releases Polani Moto video

Written by  Ireen Kayira
Vube: Polani moto is advising people against bad practices Vube: Polani moto is advising people against bad practices

 Lilongwe, December 20, 2018. Lilongwe based afro pop musician Kumbukani Kasinja of Chindekha (Selfie) hit popularly known as Vube in the musical circles has released a new video PolaniMoto.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Thursday, the artist said the song is advising people to calm down and check their lifestyle.

“It is talking about men that feel they should date every woman they meet,” he said.

Vube added that the song also talks about individuals that poke into other people’s lives instead of focusing on their own lives, among other things.

 “In general, “Polani Moto” means “cease fire” and the song calls upon all people who do bad things to others to stop,” Vube said.

He explained that he developed the song’s concept after observing the behaviour of people with bad feelings for others for a long time.

“I felt I should preach against hate and inculcate the spirit of love among people,” Vube said.

Produced by Janta and recorded at M-studios, the audio version of the song was released in November this year.

Meanwhile, Mana has established that after the release of the song, most people adopted the expression Polani Moto and use it whenever they want to tell someone to stop doing something.

“I felt good to notice that people had adopted the song’s key message and started applying it on one another. I didn’t expect that and I thank God for enabling me to create something that people would like,” Vube said.

 “I promise my fans that they should expect a lot as this is just the beginning next year l be releasing my first album,” he added.


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