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Roy View to exhibit at a cultural fashion show

Written by  Donata Mpochela
The designer of the year-Roy View The designer of the year-Roy View

Blantyre, November 30, 2018: Roy View Banda who is popularly known as Roy View, the Urban Music Party (UMP) fashion award designer of the year is scheduled to showcase his artworks at Dzaleka Cultural Fashion Show on December 7 to 8, 2018.

The event which aims at promoting good cultural practices among Malawians and refugees alike, will take place at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Mulanje Hall.

“I will showcase at the event because I want to keep up the cultural dressing while adding some styles to it. Mostly I will focus on the male designs,” the designer said.
Roy View could not be drawn into disclosing what he would exactly do on the day, saying he wants to treat the audience to a pleasant surprise, noting that it’s going to be smart and classy.

“It is my prayer that people should support African fashion. This is so because I want people to preserve the strong culture we have had all these years.

“This will help people to promote unity, love and give their full support as they come to this cultural fashion show,” he added.

Dzaleka Youth Congress Founder and Director, Alain Bitijula said working with Roy was a great achievement because the artist provides the team all the necessary support and resources at no cost.

“His showcasing at the event will be an extra mile to the foundation. However, I have high expectations on this day which is to change the bad cultural malpractices,” he said.

The event will be spiced up with different performances from Bucci, Amahoro, Rwanda Traditional Dances and the second lady of Miss Malawi 2018 will be the guest of honour.


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