22 March 2019
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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 19:58

New book on leadership principles set for release

Written by  Cynthia Wazakili
Geofrey Mfuni:  I recommend the book for all leaders Geofrey Mfuni: I recommend the book for all leaders

Lilongwe, November 28, 2018: Upcoming book writer,Geoffrey Mfuni, 28, has announced plans to release a book titled, ‘Six key leadership principles’ which is set to be a must-read for leaders at various levels of the society. 

The Youthful Author said in an interview on Tuesday that the book highlights critical leadership problems and how to overcome them.

Mfuni noted that, “This book gives practical experiences on how to lead and I recommend this book to any leader be it a pastor, youth leader, student.”

He said he was motivated to write the book by a desire to help all upcoming leaders and build a productive nation.

“Good leadership is key to development and success of a society. If we have a nation that has got good leaders, the nation will in no time develop,” Mfuni, a Polytechnic, University of Malawi Graduate added.

He disclosed that the book would be his first published work having been writing manuscripts since he graduated from college.

“There is a future in writing and I will always write and share my experiences with the world. In fact, writing has always been around and it helps to record and preserve one’s idea,” the Author said.

He said his next book, ‘The art of planning’will be released next year, 2019’.


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