24 April 2019
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 07:32

Dzuwa arts theatre to perfume live at Lilongwe community hall

Written by  Roselyn Phiri
Dzuwa arts theatre performing in one of their stage plays Dzuwa arts theatre performing in one of their stage plays

Lilongwe, September 18, 2018: The Dzuwa Arts Theatre in ‘Let’s Act Again Initiative’ is set to showcase their new stage play titled ‘Four Years Later’ on September 22 at Lilongwe Community Hall in Lilongwe.

Speaking in an interview with the Malawi News Agency on Monday, Dzuwa arts theatre director, Ignatious Kaphinde confirmed about the stage play while encouraging people to watch what he described as a mature play.

He said Four Years Later is a play that talks about love, betrayal, broken promises, social injustice, spiritual growth and development, and it is a one hour 15 minutes stage play.

“It also talks about the need to empower women and girls, that’s the main thematic area, and it also tackles the issue of the 50-50 campaign as written by Ignatious Kaphinde,” he said.

He added that people should expect to watch a mature play, and real drama since the play is action parked, entertaining and filled with education.

 “Four years later is our fifth play ever since we started the group in 2015.

“Our aim is to make sure that we develop the arts industry which has remained stagnant for some time,” Kaphinde said.

Kaphinde added that since the death of Du Chisiza, Getrude Kamkwatira and other actors, stage production has been going down so they want to bring back those good old days which is why they started the initiatives dubbed ‘Lets Act Again Initiative’.

Dzuwa arts theatre is a group of young actors, actresses, dancers and singers based in Lilongwe. It was established in 2015 and it does drama, dances, poetry and music.

The group has so far produced four stage plays and one film. The four plays are: ‘Wages of evil’, ‘TIT for TAT’, ‘Sweet and sour’ and in April this year they staged ‘Debora’s fate.


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