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PICTORIAL: Life of Ex-MYPs virgil for their dues in Lilongwe

Written by  Govati Nyirenda & Stanley Makuti

Waiting for lunch that never came - Pic by Govati Nyirenda

Ex- Malawi Young Pioneer members have been camping at Capital Hill and War memorial pillar in Lilongwe for the past three weeks. They say they won’t go home until they are paid their dues. The members are camping at Capital Hill in the afternoon and spend the night at a bare place at the War memorial pillar in Lilongwe.

Some of them spend the whole night beside a campfire. And well-wishers bring them food inadequate though. The pictures below taken by Mana Photojournalists Govati Nyirenda and Stanley Makuti show their conditions of living at the pillar which is in Area 18 in Lilongwe.

Getting some much needed warmth in this winter

Women make up bed for the night

Waiting for the sunset to set before going to bed on the grass of Area 18

Apprehensive for the night: Men at the camp prepare to sleep

Rose Mabedi 48 preparing meal for the 300 ex-MYP Campers at the War memorial pillar in Lilongwe

Beatrice Jiya, 45, Ex -MYP brass Band Drum Major show what she used to do in MYP she was taught music by Late Chikakuda from Malawi Army and late Grey Ntila from Malawi Police

Firewood for cooking

Their bags are always packed