21 August 2019
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Monday, 11 February 2019 14:17

Nkhata Bay prison commended for rehabilitative efforts

Written by  Luzily Chiponde

Nkhata-Bay, February 11, 2019; Local communities in Nkhata Bay district have commended Nkhata-Bay Prison for their rehabilitative programs that will enable inmates to be self-reliant after expiry of their jail term.


The prison focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration by equipping the inmates with various skills ranging from tailoring, farming, construction, painting, phone repairing, hairdressing, to carpentry and joinery.


One of the community members, Ana Lindizani said rehabilitating prisoners prevents the possibility of future crimes.


“Some committed offences due to economic problems so they need to be equipped with skills to lead a productive and lawful life hence prevent possibilities of committing crimes in future,” said Lindizani.


Public Relations Officer for Nkhata Bay Prison, Macdonald Migolo said prisons exist to reform and transform law breakers into better citizens.

“Our core function as Malawi prison is to make sure that prisoners are kept in safe custody, are reformed and transformed and while serving their sentences are taught various skills for them to become reliable citizens when released,” said Migolo.


He, however, said inadequate resources limit them from engaging every prisoner in skill acquisition as the funds are generated by the prison.


A certain percentage of the money obtained from the various rehabilitation activities is put into the prisoner’s account, to be used as startup capital after jail, and the other sum is put into the prison’s account.