22 February 2019
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Monday, 22 October 2018 07:02

‘Children should grow with culture’

Written by  Daniel Kasondo
President Peter Mutharika inspects traditional displays at Chonde in Mulanje - Pic by Abel Ikiloni President Peter Mutharika inspects traditional displays at Chonde in Mulanje - Pic by Abel Ikiloni

Mulanje, October 21, 2018: President Peter Mutharika Sunday urged Malawians to instill the spirit of respecting culture in their children so that they grow with Malawian values.

“All tribes should ensure that their children grow with their culture. Children should be able to respect teachers, chiefs, leaders and others,” he said.

Mutharika said children were being misled by the social media which is full of foreign values.

He said it is high time, Malawians start promoting culture which is only important and leave out those that are harmful to society especially in the wake of HIV and AIDS.

The Malawian leader thanked people of all tribes and from different places within and across the borders for patronizing this year’s Mulhako Wa Alhomwe annual festival.

Speaking during the function, King of the Lomwe tribe, Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa assured the President that the Lomwe tribe would strive towards co-existence with other tribes in the country and beyond, saying the presence of other chiefs during the event was a manifestation of such efforts.

He advised the Lomwes to work with their chiefs and respect them.

Chief Ngolongoliwa asked them co-exist with other tribes and respect chiefs of other tribes wherever they live.

“Whether the chief wherever you stay is a Yao, Chewa or Ngoni; you should respect them as you maintain your dignity as Lomwes,” he said.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Nicholas Dausi said Mlakho Wa Alhomwe event was an important platform because it was promoting culture and unity among people in the country.

He pointed out that apart from promoting culture, the annual festival had potential to promote tourism and arts.

“Culture is shown through dances, food, songs and the like. That is what is showcased during this event which is very important for our tourism drive,” Dausi added.

He thanked the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika for introducing the event, which comes annually and takes place at Chonde in Mulanje.