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Nankhumwa opens K265 million Mbulumbuzi market

Written by  Linda Likomwa


CHIRADZULU, December 21, 2017: Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa on Tuesday opened the K265 million Mbulumbuzi Market constructed with money from the Malawi Government.

Speaking during the opening of the market in Chiradzulu, Nankhumwa said he was troubled with questions from the media as to why business people were not using the facility after completion.

“Now that we have officially opened the market, I ask all vendors to start using the market. I urge you vendors from other districts to emulate a good example shown by vendors in Chiradzulu by using the market,” said Nankhumwa, citing an example of Zomba where the business community has not yet occupied the market despite its completion.

Nankhumwa, therefore, asked Chiradzulu District Council to support the vendors, saying they should desist from abusing the revenue collections from the market but instead use such resources for improving service delivery in the district.

He also encouraged the vendors to take proper care of the market for it to last long, pledging that his ministry would continue with more developments in the country.

However, Nankhumwa granted the council’s request to construct a stadium in the district as government was waiting for vendors to occupy the market before another project could commence to avoid creating more ‘white elephants’ in the district.

He asked the council to decide where the stadium should be constructed so that the project could commence next year (2018).

Speaking earlier, Chiradzulu District Council Chairperson, Diston Mphero commended government for constructing a modern market in the district, noting that the facility would accommodate all business people in the area.

On his part, Mbulumbuzi Market Chairperson, Charles William promised to take care of the market. William, however, observed that there were some challenges at the market to be sorted out such as creating space for people operating restaurants and butchery.

William observed: “We would like to ask government to consider putting an independent ESCOM meter at each shop because as of now we are using one meter which makes the contributions to be difficult since we are doing different businesses and some use more electricity than others.”

Matilda Chakuwamba, Chairlady for the vegetable segment said the construction of the market has provided a good environment for doing their business in a better and safe place than before when they were exposed to road accidents along the Blantyre – Zomba road.

“It was not safe for us to be doing our businesses close to the road because we were prone to accidents. During rainy season we were also having a challenge as we had no safe place to hide, but with the provision of the shelter the problem is now over,” she said.

However, Chakuwamba pleaded with those that were still plying their businesses along the road to occupy the space in the market to avoid accidents.

The market, constructed using Local Development Fund, was initially estimated to cost K80 million in 2011. However, construction work started in May 2012 and completed in November 2016 with the cost rising to K265 million.

The interior of the market comprises stalls, a slaughter house, sheds with 48 benches, 20 kiosks and slabs, among others.


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