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Thursday, 14 December 2017 12:44

Jere wins K1 million in ‘Airtel Kuufira’ bonanza

Written by  Moses Nyirenda


Lilongwe, December 14, 2017: The Mzimba based business man, Blessings Jere, has won the one million Kwacha grand prize of Airtel Kuufira Bonanza.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Jere said he is a Kwale-mining business person around his area of residence to earn a living.

“I do the business of breaking quarry stones at Chinungu in Ekwendeni area and I use the money raised to support my family,” said Jere.

He said he was grateful to win K1 million which he did not expect. He said the amount was too huge compared to that which he raises when conducting his business.

The K1-million winner said on average, he raises MK20, 000 per month with his business.

Asked on how he was going to use the money won in the competition, Jere said he would fulfill his dream to build a house at his village and use the remaining to boost his business.

“I am lucky that I have won the money which I didn’t believe I could. I will use this money to construct a better house which I have been dreaming about, and some of the money I will invest in my business,” he said.

Jere finally thanked Airtel Malawi for the competitions which he said would at last transform his life.

Emmanuel Kasambala who is Marketing Director for Airtel Malawi told Mana after the first draw of ongoing Kuufira bonanza that their company, apart from providing communication services in Malawi, has the role to transform lives of people through different competitions.
“Apart from providing communication services, transforming lives is also our responsibility,” said Kasambala.

The marketing director also said was grateful that Jere had become the first person to win a grand prize in Kuufira bonanza whose money would transform his life.


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