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YAAD explores processing of fish sausage in Lilongwe

Written by  Rahim Kamwana

Lilongwe, December 7. 2017: Youth Action in Agriculture Development (YAAD), a youth organization based in Lilongwe is in the process of manufacturing sausage from fish as one way of fulfilling its goals.

Speaking in an interview with the Malawi News Agency, the program manager, Happy Mussa said they came up with the plan to manufacture fish sausage as one way of ensuring youth participation in the agricultural sector.

“As the youth constitute a larger proportion of the population in the Sub-Sahara Africa, it is envisaged that through this activity of manufacturing fish sausage, the youth will ultimately be recognized as valuable tool by our government and various stakeholders in our country, Malawi,” said Mussa.

YAAD with funding from ATD Entrepreneurship Hub (AEH) came up with this business idea to explore fish value addition and processing including the fish sausage, in a bid to address the post-harvest fish value losses in Lake Malawi.

“We do the manufacturing in the food lab at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, but currently we haven’t commercialized the product.

“At this far, we have managed to come up with the fish sausage products from Catfish, Chambo and Usipa and we are now doing an analysis of key elements to see the nutritional composition of the product before we take it to our consumers for health implications to them,” added Mussa.

YAAD comprises youth from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the capital, Lilongwe. Composition is on membership basis for youth in academia like Agriculture, ICT, Agropreneurs and Rural youth.

“As a youthful company our goal is to start small and later on commercialize. For a smooth operation we also thought of following the set guidelines in our society in which case, we are also considering issues of consumer safety where we plan to have a product certified by the Malawi Bureau of Standards.

“And also being a new product in Malawi, I would encourage the consumers to try our product once it is made available on the market. This product is very unique in Malawi for health benefits as fish is less in cholesterol levels compared to other meet products,” said Mussa.

On the difference with other sausages made from animals, Mussa said there is not that much difference.

“We conducted a consumer sensory evaluation and acceptability of the product where we reached out to 150 individual evaluators of the product. Within the exercise, we had five samples of sausage product and one sample was the conventional already manufactured beef sausage from Nyama World and the best on the evaluators was that our sausage from Catfish competed well with beef sausage so it goes hand in hand in terms of consumer preferences,” said Mussa.


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