15 November 2018
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Saturday, 25 November 2017 15:23

Diversity dares Standard Bank

Written by  Brian Itai
Spiced up the evening with a splendid musical performance: Mizu Band - Pic by Brian Itai Spiced up the evening with a splendid musical performance: Mizu Band - Pic by Brian Itai

Lilongwe, November 25, 2017: From the dressing, to the type of music, and the food that was dished, almost everything on the night gave a true reflection of the real meaning of cultural diversity in every sense. 

This was a night that Standard Bank had designed to celebrate the cultural diversity of their clients and employees. Here was a rare opportunity for the bank to interact with its customers from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.

Almost everyone who turned up for the cultural diversity night at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) on Thursday evening, turned up the heat and for a moment it appeared like the response from the guests would soar above the expectations of the hosts.

Acting Chief Executive for Standard Bank, Temwani Simwaka, said they are a bank that prides itself in embracing and placing high value on cultural diversity that defines people’s way of life in a society.

“Culture is the total way of life that people in the society live. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits and arts.

“Tonight presents an opportunity to get up close with you and you with us. We will be commemorating our culture and other cultures beyond our borders and beyond our continent through cuisine, networking, music and art,” said Simwaka.

This was the first ever Standard Bank Cultural Diversity Night and the platform presented an opportunity for the bank to say a thank you to its customers for the business they gave them in 2017 while at the same time looking ahead to 2018.

“Our teams are committed to continue with strides aimed to deliver excellence coupled with your unwavering support. We promise to continue excelling in the provision of tailored and structured solutions to all our customer segments,” she said.

Award winning Mizu Band spiced up the evening with a splendid musical performance as they dished out music from every corner of the universe with different cultural backgrounds too which kept the dominantly female audience on the dance floor for the better part of the evening.

Both corporate and individual customers turned up, but after the winning, dancing and networking, it was evident that diversity had won in the end.


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