19 August 2018
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Thursday, 23 November 2017 06:27

Chiradzulu to have the first commercial bank

Written by  Emily Kaliwo
The FDB Bank under construction in Chiradzulu - Pic by Emily Kaliwo The FDB Bank under construction in Chiradzulu - Pic by Emily Kaliwo

Chiradzulu, November 23, 2017: People in Chiradzulu have expressed excitement with the construction of FDH Bank in the district, saying once the facility is completed and opened for business it would be both, time saving and cost effective. 

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), one of the businessmen at Chiradzulu Boma, Kingsley Njala, said the construction of the Bank would contribute towards various socio – economic activities in the district.

“The distance covered and time spent to seek banking services in Limbe-Blantyre will be shortened as we would be accessing the services close to our homes. This will assist us in time management and money saving,” said Njala who owns a maize mill and welding workshop.

He added that as an entrepreneur, he expects the bank to provide soft loans to its customers for them to boost their businesses and engage in various activities meant to uplift the socio – economic profile of the district.

“Today’s business is on and off such that we rely on bank loans. If FDH Bank- Chiradzulu Branch will consider us in that aspect, we will greatly appreciate the gesture,” said Njala.

Njala, however, added that it would also be imperative for the bank to be transparent in terms of products on offer so that people could make informed choices on the type of bank accounts to open.

Speaking in a separate interview, Water Monitoring Assistant for Chiradzulu, Patrick Malango, said the establishment of the bank at the Boma would assist him and fellow civil servants in saving their money, unlike in the past when they had to travel to Blantyre to access such services.

“It is good that we will soon have a bank in Chiradzulu closer to our working places because we were forced to withdraw all the money in the account during month end to save money for transport to Blantyre,” Malango said.

He said it was extremely difficult to save money kept in homes, noting that once the bank was officially opened for business in the district; most civil servants would withdraw money only when they need it.

Meanwhile, efforts by MANA to get details about the construction project from FDH’s Marketing Manager Victoria Mbewe proved futile as she asked for more time before she could divulge the information.

However, several attempts to get hold of her on phone were unsuccessful at the time of going to bed. 
Chiradzulu District has had no single commercial bank since Malawi attained independence in 1964 such that FDH Bank would be the first to operate at Chiradzulu Boma.


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