26 April 2018
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Friday, 10 November 2017 10:47

ZCC adopts E-Ticketing in market revenue collection

Written by  Synd Kalimbuka

E-Ticketing in progress at Zomba Market. Pic by Synd Kalimbuka. MANA

ZOMBA, November 10, 2017, MANA: Zomba City Council (ZCC) has adopted the use of point-of-sale machines in collecting market revenue in all its nine markets.

The development comes after the council conducted a pilot program where point- of-sale devices were used in collecting revenue in three of its markets.

In an interview on Wednesday, ZCC Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mercy Chaluma, said full council (meeting) has approved to roll out the e-ticketing initiative in all its markets to promote accountability and transparency.

“The council has approved to solicit funds to purchase 30 more machines to extend to other markets the process of collecting revenue through point-of-sale devices,” said Chaluma.

She said the system has also proved to be more viable and effective since the money that was collected from the three markets during the pilot phase was even higher than what was collected previously without the use of the machines.

‘When someone pays from the markets using this new system, it is registered in the machines which are also connected at the council so that same information is also recorded in the council’s database,” said the PRO.

She added that the new system will also help put to rest suspicions that were there previously between the council and revenue collectors regarding transparency and accountability.

Commenting on the new development, Moses Makina, a vendor at Zomba Central Market hailed the council for the introduction of the new system to collect revenue in its markets.

He said the introduction of the new system also means better services in the markets since the city council will collect more revenue.

Nitel, formerly known as Malswitch, is the distributor of the electronic devices being used in the new system and has trained market supervisors how to fix the machines when they develop any problems.




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